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“I find you the most honest and trustworthy of all brokers I have dealt with in Goa. You take your job seriously and are not there for the short term. Keep going the way you are. Me and all members of my family are very happy with you whenever we have dealt with you. Good Luck.

Vivek Mascarenhas 
Chief Engineer - A.P.Moller Maersk

Excellent Service and Good back up Relationship.

Jayant Kamat
Managing Director
Crystal Metals (I) Pvt. Ltd.

An exemplary real estate consultant and I was pleasantly surprised by the speed, efficiency and professionalism of Denzil.
           I have now maintained the relationship over the years and invariably consult him for most of my needs in Goa. It is truly a pleasant experience in dealing with Denzil.

PM Pai
Venture Partner (NEA), Singapore

Honest, reliable, prompt in communication, trustworthy and clear in his dealings. I had an excellent experience with him. If someone is buying or selling properties in Goa, Denzil Xavier is the right person to deal with.

Rajiv Seth
VP – Hospitality. Adarsh Realty and Hotels,Bengaluru.

It has been good doing business with Denzil. He is a thorough professional and sticks to his commitments. The Goa real estate sector needs more registered and organised direct sales agents like him. Best Wishes.

Vinay Bhasin
Director - Palacio Group, Goa

We have been happy with the services of Mr Denzil, in the few assignments that we have worked on, and we find him a very pleasant and courteous person to deal with .. Mr Xavier successfully got us a tenant and was most helpful and professional in the whole transaction. It was a pleasure dealing with him. We wish him all success in his career.

Celine & Walter Vieira
Management Consultant, Mumbai

Denzil came across as a thorough professional in his field; he is well-informed on the property and rental market, is always available to answer any queries, is trustworthy and has a pleasing personality; factors such as these go a long way in establishing and maintaining a successful long-term business relationship. The investments that we made in the Goa property market have proved to be the best investment decisions so far; having bought them at the right time and therefore at a very reasonable price and also considering the returns on those investments via rental income. We owe it to Denzil for having guided and advised us on these deals.
           Furthermore, the quality of tenants that he approved of for leasing out our apartment/office too, is commendable. The service therefore provided by him is thorough - right from advising on the investment, to managing all the documentation efficiently, to sorting out any concerns that the buyer has, to leasing out the property ensuring quality tenants without compromising on the rent.
          We believe that if one must invest in Goa property market they should do it through Denzil Xavier Real Estate Consultants.

Maryanne & Wilbur D’souza

Thank you for all the efforts you have made in selling our house in Goa and helping us find a beautiful apartment. All the work you did was so very transparent, quick and you satisfied our needs which was very important for us. As the saying in management that a client goes wherever he is invited but stays where he is well treated.

Isabel & Bonnie Lobo

In the span of the last 2 years I have met many Real Estate professionals in Goa, but Denzil stands out and is someone that I could relate to easily, and depend on.He is Professional, Knowledgeable about the market, current with information, courteous, and does go the extra mile for providing complete service. I would highly recommend everyone to not miss on consulting Denzil for their next Real Estate need in Goa.

Sumit Puri
Partner & MD, Prime One Group (Kuwait)

Denzil is one of the finest person I met in Goa. An individual who is full of trust and honesty. He helped me locate my first home in Goa with so much of ease and provided me every information I needed. His understanding about your requirement and scanning properties matching your need is a great skill. Denzil is a humble person who is ready to help you always. I recommend Denzil as your first and the right gate to enter this beautiful place called Goa.

Rahul Pandey
CEO & Co-Founder,Bonzai.ad


Heartfelt thanks!

Yvonne and I wish to convey our grateful appreciation and thanks to you, for the excellent service that we have received from you ever since we got in touch with you several years back. We are very happy that your patience and unstinted efforts were proved fruitful in our finding the right buyer.We are both very happy with the deal and the easy and stress less process for documentation of the

deal and registration. We thank you very much.

We wish further success in your endeavors and business. We wish you and your family well. Once again, thank you and best of luck!

S. S. Mohan Ram

Ex-Financial Controller

Shangri La Hotel & Resorts Ltd.